Welcome to Our Unique Gardening Region

Do you know how hardiness zones effect you and your gardening, and whether they are even indicative enough to rely on? How about Steppe? Knowing what it is and why it matters can truly revolutionize your garden in the West. Learn how to connect with others and together mull over related considerations and overcome challenges as a Western gardening community.

USDA Hardiness Zones

  • Learn what USDA Hardiness Zones mean
  • Learn what USDA Hardiness Zones don’t mean
  • Learn what else you need to know regarding your growing conditions to be successful

Cheryl Moore-GoughCheryl Moore-Gough has been the Technical Editor for Horticulture for Zone 4 Magazine since it began in 2008, an Adjunct Assistant Professor for Montana State University, and a prolific writer on many plant and garden related topics including vegetable growing, seed saving, and ornamental gardening.


What Characterizes a Steppe Ecozone

  • Steppe climate: We have much to gain by looking at gardening from a global perspective
  • Alpine gardens offer us an appropriate model of working with our environment
  • How do we embrace a Western Aesthetic?

Panayoti KelaidisPanayoti Kelaidis is the Senior Curator and Director of Outreach at the Denver Botanic Gardens. He is a world-renowned plantsman and explorer who has revolutionized Rocky Mountain horticulture, with his countless introductions to horticulture and his avant garde approach to gardening in the West.

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How Participating in a Discussion Forum Can Benefit Your Garden

  • Introduction to a simple and free platform for establishing helpful connections
  • Get support and answers quickly from fellow gardeners working with similar conditions
  • Learn with others; share ideas and useful resources

Chris HeilerChris Heiler is a green industry social media consultant. He develops social media strategy and training programs for clients ranging from landscape design/build firms and lawn care companies to garden centers, growers and specialty manufacturers. Chris regularly speaks at landscape industry events across the country, writes for industry publications, and also shares his social media expertise with hundreds of landscape professionals in his exclusive Social Media Club at LandscapeLeadership.com.


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