Things Every Gardener in the West Should Know

Should Know Let’s start at the beginning with seeds. Mike delves into the wonders of the tiny miracles and how and why to take a chance and try sourcing our plants from them. Tom addresses many places where gardeners go wrong and how to avoid falling into the most common traps that lead too many trusting gardeners into frustration instead of fun.

The Art of Growing Plants and Where to Start

  • Going from container soil to garden; why they are different and how to bridge the gap
  • Great benefits of plants from seed
  • Tips on successful in-situ seed growing

Mike BoneMike Bone, works in plant propagation and production and is the Curator of Steppe Collection at the Denver Botanic Gardens where he has focused his work on seed collection and the study of steppe plants and ecology. Most of his work is done in Western North America but he has traveled to Central Asia to study plants from the steppes and mountains there. He is also actively involved in the Plant Select program as well as the IPPS (International Plant Propagators’ Society).


Myth-Busting: Creative Gardening Strategies for Tough Locations

  • Plants for windbreaks and visual screens
  • Soil strategies to improve successful plantings
  • Common myths explored and debunked

Tom HealdTom Heald is the managing partner for the Wyoming Plant Company, specializing in hardy native and adapted plants for Wyoming conditions. Previously, Tom was a Wyoming Extension Educator where he worked with thousands of homeowners who struggled to grow plants in this challenging environment. Many times it was not the homeowner at fault, but the lack of appropriate plant materials to choose from; retail outlets were offering inappropriate plant choices for the environment.

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