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Secrets to Beautiful, Easy, and Sustainable Gardening in the Interior West

Winter – Know Your Region
How We’re Unique and Why Gardening is Different Here
Cheryl Moore-Gough

$14: USDA Hardiness Zones: Are they all you need to know to have a successful garden?
  • Learn what USDA Hardiness Zones mean
  • Learn what USDA Hardiness Zones don’t mean
  • Learn what else you need to know regarding your growing conditions to be successful

Cheryl Moore-Gough has been the Technical Editor for Horticulture for Zone 4 Magazine since it began in 2008, an Adjunct Assistant Professor for Montana State University, and a prolific writer on many plant and garden related topics including vegetable growing, seed saving, and ornamental gardening.

Panayoti Kelaidis

$14: What Characterizes a Steppe Ecozone and How Can Embracing it Make my Gardening Easier and More Beautiful?
  • Steppe climate: We have much to gain by looking at gardening from a global perspective
  • Alpine gardens offer us an appropriate model of working with our environment
  • How do we embrace a Western Aesthetic?

Panayoti Kelaidis is the Senior Curator and Director of Outreach at the Denver Botanic Gardens. He is a world-renowned plantsman and explorer who has revolutionized Rocky Mountain horticulture, with his countless introductions to horticulture and his avant garde approach to gardening in the West.

Chris Heiler

$14: Forming a Regional Gardening Community; How Participating in a Discussion Forum Can Benefit Your Garden
  • Introduction to a simple and free platform for establishing helpful connections
  • Get support and answers quickly from fellow gardeners working with similar conditions
  • Learn with others; share ideas and useful resources

Chris Heiler is a green industry social media consultant. He develops social media strategy and training programs for clients ranging from landscape design/build firms and lawn care companies to garden centers, growers and specialty manufacturers. Chris regularly speaks at landscape industry events across the country, writes for industry publications, and also shares his social media expertise with hundreds of landscape professionals in his exclusive Social Media Club at

Spring – Plan Your Garden
Working With Nature on Design, Soil Prep, and Watering Strategy


Robert Littlepage, APLD

$14: How Good Design Simplifies Garden Tasks and Enhances Enjoyment of Outdoor Space
  • Know your Site
  • Good Design IS Low Maintenance
  • Think Local

Robert Littlepage, APLD; RLA is a licensed landscape architect in both California and Louisiana. Since 1985 he has designed gardens throughout the western United States. He has also consulted on gardens in Louisiana, France and England. In addition to his architecture practice he is the Founder/Director of the California School of Garden Design, and former instructor of design and irrigation at Sierra College.

Robert Nold

$14: What it Means to Work WITH Nature in a High and Dry Climate
  • The truth about amending with organic matter and the more important ingredient
  • Why Western gardeners should ignore most everything they read
  • The art of growing plants in heavy clay soil

Robert Nold is an avid gardener constantly exploring how best to garden within the parameters he’s inherited living in the West. His conclusions and discoveries have been published in a host of noteworthy publications including several books he’s authored.

Mike Bone

$14: The Art of Growing Plants and Where to Start
  • Going from container soil to garden; why they are different and how to bridge the gap
  • Great benefits of plants from seed
  • Tips on successful in-situ seed growing

Mike Bone, works in plant propagation and production and is the Curator of Steppe Collection at the Denver Botanic Gardens where he has focused his work on seed collection and the study of steppe plants and ecology. Most of his work is done in Western North America but he has traveled to Central Asia to study plants from the steppes and mountains there. He is also actively involved in the Plant Select program as well as the IPPS (International Plant Propagators’ Society).

Tom Heald

$14: Creative Gardening Strategies for Tough Locations
  • Plants for slopes, windbreaks, and visual screens
  • Soil strategies to improve successful plantings
  • Common myths explored and debunked

Tom Heald is the managing partner for the Wyoming Plant Company, specializing in hardy native and adapted plants for Wyoming conditions. Previously, Tom was a Wyoming Extension Educator where he worked with thousands of homeowners who struggled to grow plants in this challenging environment. Many times it was not the homeowner at fault, but the lack of appropriate plant materials to choose from; retail outlets were offering inappropriate plant choices for the environment. Tom began to rethink suitable plants and landscaping.

Summer – Select Your Plants
Exciting and Appropriate Plants for a Successful Western Garden
Pat Hayward

$14: The Easiest to Grow, Longest Blooming Durable Plants for the Western Garden
  • How Plant Select is forging a truly American style of horticulture
  • A bold, new plant palette revolutionizing the way we garden
  • Plants that thrive in both our variable winters and our hot summers

Pat Hayward is the Executive Director of Plant Select®, a collaboration of Colorado State University, Denver Botanic Gardens, and regional horticulturists seeking out and distributing the best plants for western gardens. Pat has worked in all facets of Rocky Mountain regional horticulture since 1979. A lecturer, writer and photographer, she has written for numerous national publications, co-authored two books, and her gardens have been featured in regional and national publications.

Bill Adams

$14: Rock Gardening With Native Plants From Around The World
  • The huge diversity of plants: the more you look the more you will find
  • Where in the world do you find plants that adapt to our gardens in the Interior West?
  • PowerPoint Presentation – My favorite plants for rock gardens and native landscapes

Bill Adams owns and operates Sunscapes Rare Plant Nursery, a small specialty nursery growing choice rock garden, hardy native and unusual dryland plants from around the world. He is a leader in the current effort to promote Western Water Wise Landscaping in the City of Pueblo, where he has been instrumental in the designing, planting and maintenance of numerous Water Wise garden

Kathy Settevendemie

$14: 5 Things Every Western Gardener Should Know Before Planting Native Plants
  • Where did that plant come from and why does it matter?
  • Native plants that make great alternatives to standard garden species
  • Creating native plant communities in your garden

Kathy Settevendemie is the Owner-Operator of Blackfoot Native Plant Nursery, a wholesale nursery selling Montana native plants since 2003. She is a board member of the Montana Native Plant Society and conducts workshops on landscaping with native plants throughout western Montana in addition to providing consultations to landowners. Madeline Mazurski will be joining her.

Madeline MazurkskiMadeline Mazurski is the owner of Montana Native Landscapes, specializing in native and water wise landscape design since 1995. She has taught landscape design and plant classes and designed and helped establish a Water Wise Demonstration Garden in Missoula, Montana. She has been an active member of the Montana Native Plant Society, serving on the state board for many years. With degrees in botany and landscape architecture, Madeline is passionate about plants and design.
Mary Ann Newcomer

$14: Designing Contemporary Gardens with Heirloom Plants
  • Why heirloom plants are perfect for the intermountain West
  • Who’s who in this gorgeous “scentimental” palette
  • Design tips for using these oldies but goodies

Mary Ann Newcomer, is known as the Dirt Diva on the River Radio, 94.9 in Boise, ID. An accomplished garden writer, horticulturist, and garden designer, she has wielded her creativity and design talents on public, private, and commercial gardens. She is the co-creator of, an online garden design software service.

Fall – Maintain
Nourishing Your Body and Your Western Garden


Jane Shellenberger

$14: Growing Vegetables in the Semi-arid West
  • What crops grow best in the West
  • How to support pollinators & other beneficial insects while decreasing pests
  • Building great soil by supporting the soil life

Jane Shellenberger is the publisher and editor of the independent newsmagazine, Colorado Gardener, “A Thinking Gardener’s Companion”, which she founded in 1996. An eclectic gardener she learned about plants from her botanist mother. She is also the author of the new book Organic Gardener’s Companion, Growing Vegetables in the West.

Eva Montane

$14: What to do to Keep Your Western Garden Beautiful all Year
  • Minimal maintenance is required
  • When to prune and cut back
  • How to know what to deadhead, when, and why

Eva Montane got her start in ornamental horticulture doing fine perennial maintenance with Genevieve Schmidt of blogging fame. Eva holds a certificate from the California School of Garden Design, is a designer, writer, and educator, and has been published in Colorado Gardener and Zone 4 among other publications. She’s a member of APLD and is a wildflower guide with the Crested Butte Wildflower Festival.

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