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Cutting Edge Spring Action Tips for a Great Western Garden by Eva Montane


Table of Contents:
Bulbs, Glorious Bulbs
Expanding the Garden
3 Great Reasons to Grow Annuals
A Glimpse at Garden Design
Durable Plant Selections
Fade the Edge: Softening the Line Between Domestic and Wild Landscapes
4 Ways to Spice Up a Garden

Oh Hail by Joan Franson

There is nothing that feels more devastating to a gardener’s heart than hail… Read More

Miniature Roses by Joan Franson

With the very first miniature roses I planted in the early 1960’s, these petite marvels enchanted me… Read More

Expert Western Gardeners Offer Tele-lifeline To Struggling Peers

By Susan Clotfelter | Denver Post

Eva Rose Montane knows how hard it is to grow plants in the Intermountain West if you’re used to one of the coasts. Or the South. Or the Midwest. Or pretty much anywhere else… Read More

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